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RV with Me

7 Things We Don’t Love About Our Airstream

In a previous post on 7 Reasons We Chose An Airstream, we told you a few things we love about #DollyTheAirstream.  Now, let me tell you what we don’t really care for now that we have lived in her for a while. 7 Things We Don’t Love About Our Airstream Making the Bed. Having a bed with […]

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7 Reasons We Chose an Airstream

It’s officially been 30 days since we started out in our little Airstream (#DollyTheAirstream) on this great adventure. We have selfishly been waiting to write this first post as we wanted to acclimate a bit, figure out how to not blow ourselves up with propane (anyone else ever worry about this? No? Ok.) and just […]

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Full-Time Airstream Living: Day 1

We made it. Day 1 in the Airstream. Yesterday was a very long day. We did the walk thru of our house, picked up #DollyTheAirstream, and drove a couple hours north to the San Juan Islands. We didn’t do everything perfect the 1st time but we did everything together…and that’s what matters. 165 square feet […]

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