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Full-Time Airstream Living: Day 1

We made it. Day 1 in the Airstream.

Yesterday was a very long day. We did the walk thru of our house, picked up #DollyTheAirstream, and drove a couple hours north to the San Juan Islands. We didn’t do everything perfect the 1st time but we did everything together…and that’s what matters.

165 square feet is no joke folks.

Like many other first timers, we already realize that we have too much stuff. This first month, I imagine we will be making several trips to Goodwill and Hope House, giving some of the things we thought we couldn’t live without to someone who can use them.

What I realized on the drive is that I would trade any personal item I brought to buy that one extra thing for Dolly that would make us more comfortable or safe. Even in one day, your priorities can change.

I’m ready to embrace this full-time RV lifestyle and the adventures ahead.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

If you want to share, tell us in the comments: what can’t you travel/live without?

Post Author
Chris Lewman
As the youngest of six siblings, I learned patience at an early age. I'm lucky to have a ridiculously supportive family, a loving wife, and 2 dogs who we honestly believe are going to wake up one day and start talking to us. Tiny living appeals to me because it forces you to live more intentionally. Fifty years from now, I don't think we'll regret one minute of this road trip we are living.

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