Hello, We're Amanda & Chris.

We’re Amanda & Chris. We downsized from 2400 square ft. into a 22 ft. Airstream Bambi Sport totaling a whopping 165 square feet.

We had these conversations for awhile, to downsize, to start living smaller, so that we could spend more time together doing the things we love. We moved to Seattle in 2013 and made a tradition of jetting over to Hawaii once or twice a year. We’ve always loved to travel. So the idea started brewing steadily, “How do we build a lifestyle around traveling and doing work we love?” A few months later, we bought #DollyTheAirstream and the rest is history.

We joined the full-time RV club in June, 2016. We definitely don’t have ALL the answers. In fact, we are just beginning. Here, we’ll share the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, even the embarrassing.

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Amanda Lewman

I am a funny, unfiltered, Navy brat with gypsy blood. I crave new places, faces and adventures. I am passionate about saving animals from abuse and neglect and our amazing planet from ourselves. So much of my day is spent making lists in my head about where and when we will head to next and how can I make a difference. I quit corporate America and am now pursing my love of writing, photography and LIVING. I no longer believe in waiting for tomorrow...it has proven to be unreliable. So now, I am carpe'ing the *uck out of diem. "Live long (and tiny) and prosper" ... (also be a vegan) 

Chris Lewman

As the youngest of six siblings, I learned patience at an early age. I'm lucky to have a ridiculously supportive family, a loving wife, and 2 dogs who we honestly believe are going to wake up one day and start talking to us. Tiny living appeals to me because it forces you to live more intentionally. Fifty years from now, I don't think we'll regret one minute of this road trip we are living.