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3 Things About Full-Time RVing That Suck

Full-time RVing has its perks and its downfalls. Here are 3 things about full-time RVing that suck, in my opinion.

Deposits, health insurance and wifi are 3 things about full-timing that suck.

Deposits for RV parks.

We are not boondockers..at least not yet so unless we are driveway surfing, we pay to stay. Due to our connectivity needs, we try to pick places with good wifi and full hook-ups. Because of that we have to make reservations at parks along the routes we choose in advance (map and park reviews coming SOON). In order to make said reservations, we are typically paying at least one night’s rate in advance or in some cases (ahem…CALIFORNIA) the whole damn bill. Sometimes that reservation is made 6 months or more in advance and will likely change by a day or so as we accommodate for meetings and weather. As people who like to budget bi-monthly, this is a challenge. Especially if we are really wanting a certain park/area and have no alternative to pay up front. When did just holding a credit card not suffice or perhaps try making your cancellation/change policies a bit more strict?… SIGH.

We are currently members of Good Sam Club, KOA and Passport America. While they do provide some great discounts and even free nights, they haven’t been able to relieve the need to plunk down deposits.

Health Insurance. We are self-employed and pay for private health insurance. As we recently moved our “home base” from Washington to Utah, our health insurance policy didn’t carry over. Once we started really looking into quality healthcare that is also affordable…we quickly discovered those two things are only possible if you don’t want to use your healthcare benefits anywhere other than your home state. As more and more people travel fulltime and those “regular” policies with a primary physician requirements don’t apply, why aren’t insurance providers getting creative to capture this growing group of the population willing to pay for quality nationwide benefits. I MEAN COME ON.

We are going to review plans at RVerInsurance.com as it is a one-stop resource for RVer specific insurance information. They have agents knowledgable and ready to help find us policies that match our unique needs. Additionally, we are reviewing the the Telemedicine service option. It gives us remote access to phone & internet consultations with physicians for the more typical ailments (Cold or Flu, Sinus Infections, Allergies, Respiratory Infections, Bronchitis, Pink Eye, Urinary Tract Infections, Posion Ivy etc.) and they can write prescriptions as well! There are also discounts for dental, vision and prescription coverage automatically included all for $149 annually for both of us. This may become a great tool in the old healthcare tool belt.

Internet Connectivity. I realize that not everyone cares about being connected on the road…but we depend on it for our livelihood. When you are in a park that promotes “free high-speed wifi” but really what that means when you actually arrive is “free, snail-speed, sometimes connects but only if you are parked by the clubhouse wifi”. I realize that parks are not required to provide Internet but if you say you will, make sure you are doing what you can to ensure that everyone can connect and not have to wait for your 200 neighbors to get off Facebook at midnight to get some work done.

We are chatting with Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy at Technomadia to find out what can we add to our little tin can to boost signals, get more data and have our own hotspot to counteract this. But it’s 2016 and people pay A LOT of money to stay at these RV parks. Here’s an idea -- put a little of that money back into the connectivity in your park. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

Have any tips or suggestion on anything listed above? We would LOVE to hear it. Leave us a comment or direct message us.

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