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7 Reasons We Chose an Airstream

It’s officially been 30 days since we started #tinyliving in our Airstream on this great adventure. Did we go all in...or did we make a huge mistake?

We've selfishly been waiting to write this first post. We wanted to acclimate a bit, figure out how to not blow ourselves up with propane (anyone else ever worry about this? No? Ok.) and just ensure we were going to love it (or at least moments of it) enough to want to keep going and bring you all along for the ride.

Hooray! We are alive and we are LOVING it. Our first month we have been tucked away about 2 hours outside Seattle in the San Juan Islands at a park that has full hook-ups (even 24 channels of free cable!) and sits smack-dab on the water. Like come on, it’s stunning here. We have had weather in the mid 60’s to low 70’s with like two days of rain. It’s sunny and cool and it smells like the sea and campfires all the time.

But let’s rewind a bit shall we? We bought a 22 ft. 2016 Airstream Sport. All in, she is 167 square feet. Total.

Here are 7 reasons we chose an Airstream:

  1. Size – It can be towed with our 2009 Acura MDX SUV and will fit into almost every campground space available. An advantage as sites that are 23 ft. are almost always available because bigger is the norm in the RV world. We added a pretty serious towing package to the Acura, a transmission cooler and break controller. We also added anti-sway bars and roof rack/rails (for our cargo box)

  2. Price – We bought our Airstream from Seattle Airstream Adventures Northwest and had such a great experience. I mean it. It was first class, no pressure from start to the RED CARPET finish. We ended up negotiating all the extended warranties, anti-sway bars, rock chip guard panels (not standard in the Sport) and the adventure package for the list price on the sticker. Basically we got around $10,000 in upgrades and warranties. All in she was around $53,000. They also held Dolly on the lot for two months for free while we got everything else ready to go and did not care one bit when we would stop in to see if a bin or appliance or vinyl collection would fit (which was frequently).

  3. Floorplan – I was adamant about having separate spaces even in a small camper. I wanted a bedroom area/kitchen & living area and a separate bathroom that wasn’t a wet bath. The floorplan of this model was perfect for us.

  4. Resale Value – We looked at class A, C motorhomes as well as trailers. We viewed every model/make and brand and just decided that when/if we are going to sell her, we wanted her to be worth more than other used trailers on the market. It felt like a better investment for us.

  5. Design Aesthetic – Chris and I have always loved Airstreams. We see one drive by and immediately want to look inside. The clean lines, crisp interiors and more modern appeal made this a no-brainer. The caveat here is that I think they can look a tad too modern at times so we picked the model with a light interior and warm fabric. No black leather for us.

  6. Features – They really did think of almost everything for such a little camper. She has A/C, water pressure regulator, Dometic appliances, MaxxAir fan, tempur-pedic mattress, A/C, outdoor shower, surround sound and a lot of other great additions.

  7. Future Use – We have ideas of using Dolly as an office or guestroom someday attached to a small house by really cute decking. All while still being able to take her out camping whenever the mood strikes.

It’s funny, as I write that I realize I don’t know what the plan is.

We may still be in #DollyTheAirstream fulltime 5 years from now. I have learned that NOT always planning can be the best kind of adventure.

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