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7 Things We Don't Love About Our Airstream

In a previous post on 7 Reasons We Chose An Airstream, we told you a few things we love about #DollyTheAirstream. Let me tell you what we don’t really care for now that we have lived in her for a while.

7 Things We Don’t Love About Our Airstream

  1. Making the Bed. Having a bed with three sides against a wall is a pain in the ass. We love that it is surrounded by windows, but there is no standard bed-making process here. If someone has a tip, please share. Chris could have a job with Cirque du Solei if this marketing gig does’t work out. Also, curving two corners of the mattress is just dumb. Sheets don’t stay on and the person (Chris) that is on the inside gets shorted a bit in length. The tempur-pedic mattress is legit though.

  2. Under-bed storage. The bed isn’t equipped with hydraulic lifts like some models that lift up the mattress for easy access to storage underneath. We will be upgrading this at some point. This makes getting to the storage bins under the bed an act of God. I have lost count on how many times we have laid on our stomachs and tried to pull something out of this damn cave. We did learn quickly to get rid of the large bins that came with it and got smaller ones. Way easier.

  3. Dinette bench supports. What genius put these rinky-dink supports in I will never know. Literally, we have had every single bench opening support break as there isn’t a t-bracket holding the openings in place (how you reach the storage area under the cushions). So Chris had to MacGyver it…usually at 11:00 at night when it’s super convenient and not frustrating at all.

  4. The (only) closet. We acknowledge that not a lot of people live in their Airstream full-time so this is a bratty complaint. We need pull out drawers or shelves and not a hanging rack. We have come up with a pretty cool convert but it took some time to figure out. NO WIRE HANGERS….ha.

  5. Metal mini blinds. Stop with these already. Just stop. No one likes them. They make a lot of noise and they never stay where they are supposed to. They look clunky and I despise them. Anytime someone moves in the bed, you kick or hit one and the dogs jump 10 feet. We will be ordering custom shades but for now, I will just hate them every day.

  6. A/C is noisy. So let me say we have run the A/C once and haven’t needed it since. But the day we did, we felt like we were trapped in a wind tunnel. It’s loud and it blows really hard. The nice thing is that it works really well. The bad part is you cannot hear the TV, music or each other when it’s running. First world problems, I know.

  7. And finally…as I like to say frequently…can a girl just get a slide-out? I mean I realize that isn’t the design aesthetic of Airstream and it’s mostly a joke. There are days when I would sell Chris, my wedding ring and both dogs just to have the kitchen slide out 4 more feet.

Despite its shortcomings, Chris and I would still choose the Airstream over the Class A we were considering. In our opinion, the positives still far outweigh the negatives. As first time RV owners, the 22 Sport Airstream is the perfect choice for our family.

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