• Chris Lewman

Full-Time RVing with Dogs

We're in month two, 45 days in to full-time RVing with our two dogs. We've moved onto our second location -- an RV Park in Long Beach, Washington. And everyone wants to know how we're REALLY doing.

Day 45 in the Airstream

We made it to Long Beach, Washington safe and sound. We’re quickly learning that when google estimates a 3 hour drive, there is a plus 2 rule = closer to 5 hours.

Backed in perfectly on the first try, setup camp, put Rosie and Emerson on their leashes and started making our way through the sand dunes. Suddenly, it opened up to this – our private section of the beach and the Pacific Ocean stretching as far and wide as the eye can see.

Our dogs saw the ocean for the first time. They ran through the sand right for the water…and ran and ran and ran…just like puppies. Our Rosie is 10 and has Cushings disease so we don’t take any of these moments for granted.

Ruff Life

People often ask how our dogs are handling the transition. The truth is, they are outside, walking, running, playing, interacting with people more than they ever have before. Now, we’re able to spend more time together as a family. And mostly, they want to be wherever we are.

It was one of the most beautiful moments we’ve had – seeing Rosie and Emerson play on the beach; a memory we won’t soon forget.

Just one more reminder that this journey is exactly what we should be doing. On days like today, our kids would agree.

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