• Chris Lewman

Let it all go. See what stays.

Ever wonder why people go tiny? Here's why we're doing it.

Why we're going #tiny. For the past several years Amanda and I have been having a conversation about time. It feels like we never have enough time together, with family, with friends. We feel connected when we’re…

  • Traveling

  • Experiencing new things

  • Walking our pups

  • Meeting up with friends / family

  • Making new friends

  • Rediscovering who we are individually…and together

  • Exploring the world around us

  • Listening to vinyl

  • Watching documentaries

We always planned on buying an #Airstream…some day. It was going to be a guest house or home office for me…some day. Then we thought, "Why some day? Why not now?"

So we decided to let it all go and see what stays.

We’re new to the #tinyhome #RV lifestyle, but we’re excited to start this endless road trip and see where it leads us. Countdown has begun and we push off 6/1/2016. So, here’s to adventure and whatever lies ahead.

If you have tips, tricks, suggestions or comments – share them with us below. Cheers!

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